Riverfront Sports Park Restorations- Phase 1

Posted by on Nov 10 in Build Our Ballpark

Field restoration has commenced at the Riverfront Sports Park in Waterloo, Iowa. Build Our Ballpark has a Sports Field Specialist contractor overseeing the remodeling process. Josh Viet and crew from Midwest Athletic Fields have already made milestone progress on the ballpark updates. The fields are being revitalized, complete with new sod and reconstructed dimensions. It is inspiring to see all of these efforts bringing life back to the Riverfront Sports Park. Next on the lineup during this phase of updates are fencing additions, cement work for sidewalks, and sports park signage.

Reconstruction doesn’t just benefit baseball players and fans, though. Sixty Maple trees have been planted to reinforce the green that the new Riverfront Sports Park’s logo proudly displays (see below). These trees will add even more appeal to the complex and help reduce our carbon cleat-print.

This project is a large milestone for Build Our Ballpark, and my heart swells with pride as I reflect on the work that we have accomplished thus far. Once finished, it will be a gem for the Cedar Valley, Iowa and youth sports. Work on this chapter of remodeling will continue through November, so stay tuned for more progress!