The Need

baseball_field_planWhy should you contribute?

The need has never been greater.

As our youth’s interest in playing ball disappears, so do the benefits that come with the game.

Kids build critical life skills.

Ballparks are places where kids learn how to interact with others, to listen, to work together and support each other, and how what they do is going to affect the people around them – lessons they’ll use in everyday life.

Neighborhoods build pride.

Building ballparks brings people together and provides a recognizable landmark for a neighborhood. Poor ballparks give neighborhoods a negative impression.

The nation preserves its rich heritage.

It is through the past that we understand who we are. We lose a part of ourselves when youth don’t have the opportunity to play the quintessential all-American sport.

It’s fun for everyone.

Most importantly, playing ball is just plain fun. Playing and watching baseball is just like making a gift to this worthwhile project – it just feels good.