One More Hill Before the End

Posted by on Aug 2 in RAGBRAI

The final day of RAGBRAI – we decided to get started early so that we could get to Dubuque early enough in the day. But we knew we had one significant challenge ahead – Potter Hill.

Today’s journey took us out of Manchester and through Earlville, Dyersville, Bankston, and Graf before rolling to our Mississippi destination in Dubuque. The ride was not too bad, despite a little wind in the face – nice and relaxing. But Potter’s Hill was the worst hill we’ve encountered because it was a 16% grade and 75% of the bikers had to walk it up. Our entire group made it up, though, which was really great.

It was great that the stand on the top of the hill was selling refreshments to raise money for the local Little League team. We stopped and talked to them about what we were doing and we will probably be in touch as they need help getting a new ballpark for their community.

When we got to Dubuque we got to dip our tires in the Mississippi and take some great final photos which you can see below.

From day one, this trip has been quite the adventure! From dipping our back tires into the Missouri to finishing with our front tires in the Mississippi, the journey along the way was unforgettable. We met so many people that were grateful for the cause we rode for and had a few pledge money to Build Our Ballpark.

This trip was personal for all of us because at one point or another in our lives we had played baseball and we have used fields in all sorts of conditions. Riding for a cause that helps hundreds of kids is worth it and we were reminded of that every day. The hills, the headwinds, and everything else that forced us to consider stopping seemed easier to pass up because of the motivation we have for kids and baseball. That motivation was present in every mile we rode because we all knew it was worth it, worth the countless hours and aches to help kids across the country achieve on the field!